The OCC Café is Orange County NY’s premier dining & live music destination. Come for the food, stay for the experience!


Paul Sr. started building choppers for the love and passion of it.  The key to his success has been his creative and innovative designs and an unyielding stance on details and quality.  His focus was on building and creating a quality product for his customers.

The second key to OCC’s success and expansion to become the world’s foremost custom motorcycle destination are the employees.  Individuals who have embraced the same vision and core values that we have and that have helped us to grow and become what we are today.

At OCC Cafe we approach food and service with the same passion by embracing the same vision.  We are not just selling food, we are providing an exceptional eating and social experience. We combine the quality of our food, beer selection, and cocktails with our outstanding service, which is our major point of differentiation and is consistent with the OCC brand.  This is how we bring the pride of the OCC brand into the restaurant business.

Motorcycles are available everywhere.  There is not a town or city with its own area code that does not have an outlet for the purchase of motorcycles.  People who want something better, personal made just for them with quality, innovation and integrity know where they need to go to find it…OCC.

Food is also available everywhere.  The options in getting hot food and a cold drink are limitless.  The largest distinguishing factor between one establishment and the next in our opinion is the service.  The focus of restaurants until recently has been the detached, impersonal and overblown factories.  We want to bring the industry back to its roots; back to a place where the needs of our guests are priority.

So please have a seat at our kitchen table and enjoy your experience at the OCC Cafe, where we will honor you with our food and we will respect you with our service.  This statement represents our vision of a genuine hospitality on which we are committed to building a personal relationship with you…our most valued guest.